Football Mascots – Some Very Bad Teds

We love a football mascot at Away Colours and over time, we have developed a veritable rogues gallery – the good, the bad and Cyril the Swan (he knows why).


There is only one place to start and that’s with the Guvnor. The alpha and the omega of football mascots, Gunnarsaurus IS Arsenal FC and he knows it. He got us with hello, that big green lump. Only one mascot would have the audacity to greet a recently signed Ozil off a team bus with a fist pump. He is the don. Wenger won’t be leaving the Emirates until this lad says so. We salute him.

photo (4) copyphoto (4)


First up, SWANSEA FC’s Cyril the Swan.


Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License  Image by  Rogue Soul 

Gang leader Cyril is proper nawty. Reprimanded once for throwing a pork pie on the pitch in anger, in the past, Cyril was also fined £1000 for a solo pitch invasion, as well getting “seriously told off ‘ for ripping the head of Zampa the Milwall FC Lion and drop kicking it into the crowd. Cyril, wind your neck in lad.

Other renowned bad boy mascots include Robby the Bobby, of Bury FC, who was one sent off three times for mooning at various sets of fans and trading blows with Bartley BlueBird of Cardiff City (in the old days when Cardiff wore blue.)

Recently, Burnley FC’s Bertie Bee found himself the wrong side of the law after being ultra rude to a linesman officiating at the Burnley v QPR game in October 2013 , by attempting to hand him “a pair of glasses”. (Stinging criticism that.)  Bertie was asked to buzz off out of the stadium forthwith and put ‘in jail’ to reflect on his behaviour .The Football League have warned Burnley about Bertie’s behaviour and they are keeping a beady eye on him. It’s not Bertie’s first brush with the headlines.

Fans may also remember Bertie Bee for this piece of naked brilliance.

And this recently in from our friends in Norway. This is Gullik the Canary of  Lillestrøm SK who is definitely not a cute little birdie, the potty mouth. With thanks to Norwegian pal @Bobba50 for this spot. Video by Jamel Rake.


Some mascots just have to get in on the act..

Leicester City’s Filbert The Fox totally goes for it as Leicester put 4 past Blues in the Carling Cup in October 2013.

Watford FC’s BIGHEAD thing – AKA Harry the Hornet needs to get out of the sodding way.

photo (4) copy 3

I’m not going to lie, Aldershot Town’s  Phoenix or the “Scary Horror Seagull” as we like to call him, frankly scares the bejaysus out of us.  He reminds us of a creature from Dr Who that may have scarred some us as children. Yikes. Make it go away.


Those Millwall FC  lads are a right big bunch of softies- here seen in a big macho Zampa the Lion love sandwich. Awww you guys.

photo (4) copy 2


Whaddney, Cheltenham Town’s mascot runs the doors of League 2.  Cross him at your peril, just look at those boots with which he can deliver shoe. Photographed here with Arran, our man at Whaddon Road.


and in conclusion, how could we talk mascots and not mention the OLD Baggie Bird RIP.  Beloved of West Bromwich Albion’s fans but now retired to make way for the Baggie Chickens.  Albion fans will quite simply never forget him, never. One day, he will return to coincide with Albion winning silverware again. Its written in the stars.


Image by Jameboy at Wikipedia. File licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.


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